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Switzerland Is Using Solar Panels On Their Railway Tracks

Swiss company Sun Ways is planning to install solar panels on railway tracks, with an aim to extend the technology to Europe by 2030. The 'solar panel tracks' developed by the team will help to provide energy to supply nearby railway infrastructures (such as train stations) or to local energy suppliers for wider use. There is even plans for the energy to be used to power the trains themselves. Using solar panels in such a way will allow for renewable energy to further intertwine its way into our society and hopefully, lower our reliance on fossil fuels. However, this isn't the only benefit.

Image Credit: Sun Ways.

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Alongside boosting supplies of green energy, the solar panel tracks can be installed at a speedy pace, covering a total of 1km in the short space of a few hours using a special train to place down the panels. This all comes at no cost to the environment, making it an even greener option for rail networks. In addition, Sun Ways also report that every year, their technology could help to provide up to 1 TWh of green energy — quite a substantial amount. Their first project is set to be completed this year (2023), with a scope for expansion in the future.

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Sun Ways