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Study Finds Electric Vehicles Are Linked To Better Health

A study by the Keck School of Medicine of USC in California has highlighted a link between health, air pollution, and electric cars, showing that the two go hand in hand. The study gathered real-world data over the course of six years and analysed their findings, which have now been published. Their data was sourced from two different places: the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and California Department of Motor Vehicles, alongside using their own calculations. After careful analysis, the researchers discovered some encouraging findings.

Black Tesla driving on the road.

The findings revealed that as the number of zero-emission vehicles increased on the roads, air pollution levels dropped. This seemed to have an impact on local public health and as a result, visits to the emergency room decreased as the number of vehicles increased. As a result, the researchers came to the conclusion that the two were directly correlated.

Around the world, countries such as New York are already putting a ban on fossil fuel vehicles in an effort to push toward an EV transition. Even the EU and California have joined suit.