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SSE Renewables Gives Over €1.1 Million To Community-Based Projects In Ireland

An Irish renewable energy company known as SSE Renewables has given over €1.1 Million to community-based projects in Ireland, including 400 local charities, adding to the whopping €11.4 million that they have already invested over the span of the last 20 years. These large donations help groups and communities to grow their green energy capabilities and support local communities.

Image of a man looking at solar panels.

Director of Comhairle Ceantar Na Noilean Patrick McHugh stated the following: "In Galway, the waiting list for energy efficient home upgrades is nearly two years. Through the development of this training centre in Galway, timeframes for upgrades will be reduced with the project having the potential to impact over 30,000 individuals and in excess of 10,000 homes, so contributing towards Ireland’s net zero goal."

Some of their green projects include increasing the number of EV charging points, building new green infrastructure, and implementing solar panels, among many more. Alongside helping local communities and organizations, the company also hopes these ventures and donations will help the country meet its net-zero goals by 2030. Some countries that are already net-zero include Comoros, Gabon, Madagascar, and Guyana, among others.

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