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Specially Designed Phone Case Could Help Visually Impaired Individuals To Better Use Touchscreens

Researchers from the University of Michigan have developed a phone case that can help individuals who struggle to see easily use touchscreens without any need for extra help. However, alongside helping individuals with vision issues, it can also help people with any tremors. As a result, any individuals who use the phone case should find it much easier to use touchscreens compared to without it. So, how exactly does it work?

Image of the phone case developed by Michigan University. Image Credits: Chen Liang/YouTube

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Once the phone case is connected to a phone it scans whatever touchscreen is in front of it, collecting all the important information to relay back on the phone screen to the user via an app. However, it also reads the options out loud. When the user decides what they want to press, they can either select an enlarged button via a dedicated app, or they can use the phone case to guide them to the correct choice, allowing them to select the option for them. Naturally, this makes using touchscreens much easier for anyone who struggles to use them.

Study participant Sam Rau expressed his feelings toward the new technology: “I thought about myself going into a Panera Bread and being able to order from the kiosk. I could actually see myself accomplishing something that I otherwise thought impossible.”

Even better, the phone case shouldn't be too expensive, so it should be affordable for most people who want to use it. Once the final touches have been made, the team from the University hopes to be able to release the device to the public so as many people as possible can benefit from it.

Article Credit -
University of Michigan