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Solar Power is Predicted to Generate Almost Half of Electricity Generating Capacity For The US in 2022

The US is set to generate up to 46.1 gigawatts of electricity this year, including generation from wind and solar, which are both green energy sources. Solar is predicted to account for almost half of the planned capacity, with wind accounting for a total percentage of 17%.

Solar energy would increase by 21.5 GW from the previous year, with focus points located in Texas and California. Work is already commencing on solar projects throughout the US in order to meet these targets, with plans for the largest solar farm in Northwest Indiana already having launched just two years ago. The farm will span across a whopping 13,000 acres of land, with predictions suggesting it will provide power for nearly a quarter-million homes. The project, which consists of three phases, should be completed by the year 2024.

However, until then, Solar Star solar farm, based in Los Angeles, California, is currently the largest farm in the US, with over 1.7 million solar panels. The farm generates around 579 MW of energy, which is enough to provide electricity to almost 255,000 households.  

Image of a solar farm with wind turbines.

In addition, the largest wind project is expected to commence this year, beginning commercial operations in April, with Texas and California again being home to a large proportion of big wind farms, including Alta Wind Energy Centre in California.

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