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'Solar City Car' Will Launch In The US For An Affordable $6,250

The world's first 'Solar City Car' has been met with strong interest across the board, and is set to launch at an agreeable price of $6,250 dollars in the United States.

Image Credits: Squad Mobility

The solar city car has been designed by two entrepreneurs, Robert Hoevers and Chris Klok, with a focus on urban use - although it has sparked interest from a range of consumers. This includes those from gated communities, tourism companies, campuses, seaside resorts, hotels and amusement parks. Both the founders hope that their new solar car to be a sustainable solution for day-to-day transport, helping towns, cities and residential areas to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.

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While the solar city car comes at an agreeable price, it also comes with a range of benefits for the consumer. First, the small car has an overall length of just 2 meters, meaning it can fit into small spaces that you may not of been able to with a traditional car. The car also charges itself, and has built in air conditioning as an addable option for those who want it, as well as replaceable batteries and removable doors. Heating comes as standard.

Image Credits: Squad Mobility

Other convenient extras include coffee cup holders and USB charging, meaning you can bring your devices on the go with you. Production of the worlds first Solar City Car is planned to begin in 2023, with deliveries first beginning in Europe.

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