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Skin Patch Could Potentially Help Toddlers With Peanut Allergy

There are currently no treatments to treat peanut allergies in children younger than four. However, a recent clinical trial for a peanut allergy skin patch developed by researchers at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago could change all of that.

Image of a bowl of peanuts.

During the trial, the researchers found that the peanut allergy skin patch helped to lower the risk of a severe allergic reaction in children between one and three years old. This is great news, as it will give people access to safe treatments that can help to protect their children. The co-author Melanie Makhija, MD, who was the Principal Investigator of the study, said: "Children who originally reacted to a small fraction of a peanut were able to tolerate the equivalent of one to four peanuts after completing the treatment course. This means that these children will be well protected from accidental exposure to peanuts. Importantly, we found that the peanut patch was safe, with very low chances of a severe allergic reaction. This is terrific news for families of kids with peanut allergies."

Article Credit -
Lurie's Children