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Search And Rescue Crewman Awarded For His Incredible Bravery When Rescuing Young Girl

The prestigious Royal Humane Society award has been awarded to Mark Scotland, a HM Coastguard Search and Rescue helicopter paramedic, for his extraordinary levels of bravery when rescuing a 12 year old girl on the coast of Kent last year. This award is presented to those who put themselves in danger in to save or attempt to save someone else’s life, a very courageous act.

The event which took place off the coast of Kent last year, involved three people including a 12 year old girl, who was struggling to keep her head above water and had a high risk of drowning. Immediately Mike noticed that the young girl was at risk of losing consciousness and she began to sink below the waves. Without hesitation Mark plunged into the water, fully immersing himself which then allowed him to lift the girls body out from beneath the depths of the water, allowing her to breathe again. As soon as they were successfully aboard the aircraft, Mark then began to administer first aid to the girl as she was flown to Ashford Hostpital, where she thankfully made a full recovery.

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“It was a perilous situation, and Mark’s courageous and selfless act, above and beyond what is expected of a search and rescue winch paramedic, undoubtedly saved her life. His composure throughout the rescue, during which he was submerged for up to 10 seconds, is testament to the lengths our crew will go to, to rescue those in danger at sea or inland.” said Capt. Neil Robertson, Chief Pilot at Lydd, praising Marks courageous actions.

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