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Using Kale, Scientists Have Found A More Eco-Friendly Way To Make Shampoo

Scientists from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore have found a more eco-friendly way to make shampoo from kale, a much-loved green and leafy vegetable. While mainly found on our dinner plates, it turns out that the phytochemicals from the vegetable could instead be used in such products rather than wasted.

In order to extract these phytochemicals from the Kale, the researchers added processed kale waste to naturally derived naturally deep eutectic solvents. As a result of mixing together, two separate layers formed. This allowed them to take the phytochemicals, which can then be used in consumer products such as shampoos. By being able to extract the phytochemicals from kale waste like this, it will prevent any unnecessary and excess waste from being produced, which is better for the planet. However, that's not all.

In addition to reducing excess waste, the method used to extract kale waste is also less energy-intensive compared to many current methods that are used for such a task. This will help to reduce emissions that are associated with the extraction of phytochemicals from waste kale.