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Scientists Create 'Green Hydrogen' Using Seawater

In an incredible advancement, researchers from the University of Adelaide have created green hydrogen from seawater. Green hydrogen is an alternative form of hydrogen that is produced using very low-emissions energy or with green, renewable energy, making it a more environmentally-friendly alternative to normal hydrogen.

Image of green hydrogen.

Using seawater to create green hydrogen will help to meet the ever-increasing demand for hydrogen and renewable energy, as countries around the world push to decrease their use of fossil fuels. It is also more readily available when compared to freshwater resources, which will further help to support increasing demand. Not only that, but the researcher's form of green hydrogen was also produced with almost 100% efficiency.

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"Our work provides a solution to directly utilise seawater without pre-treatment systems and alkali addition, which shows similar performance as that of existing metal-based mature pure water electrolyser," says Professor Qiao, Associate Professor Zheng.

The next step for the researchers is to continue scaling up their system so that they can ultimately help to produce more, efficiently produced green hydrogen.

Article Credit -
Science Daily