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Researchers Create Battery That Captures CO2 Whilst It Charges

Researchers from Cambridge University have created a battery that captures carbon dioxide whilst it charges that will help the disposal of CO2 to be handled responsibly and in a controlled way. The device is just the size of a two pence coin and is partly made from sustainable materials.

The new battery works via the use of a supercapacitor that consists of two electrodes of a positive and negative charge. When researchers alternated between the two charges, they found that this increased that amount of CO2 that could be absorbed by the supercapacitor.

We found that that by slowly alternating the current between the plates we can capture double the amount of CO2 than before,” said Dr Alexander Forse who led the research.

The charging-discharging process of our supercapacitor potentially uses less energy than the amine heating process used in industry now.”

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However, in order to capture CO2, the battery must be charging. While charging, the electrodes become charged and draw in CO2 gas, while leaving out other emissions such as water, nitrogen and oxygen.

In addition to being able to capture CO2, the battery will also be low cost to produce. This works as an advantage as the batteries could be used to power carbon capture technologies, which are currently expensive to run and require large amounts of energy.

Article Credit -
Cambridge University