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Rare Orchid Rediscovered In Vermont

A rare orchid known as the small whorled pogonia has been rediscovered in Vermont, New England, after it was believed to be extinct for over 120 years since 1902. However, botanists from the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department confirmed the news earlier this year in June, 2022. 

Image of the small whorled pogonia. Image Credits: Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department

The small whorled pogonia has historically been found in various eastern states and Ontario, however it is also incredibly rare to find. Excitingly, when the

small whorled pogonia was found in Vermont by the scientists, it was already blooming. 

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In order to protect the pogonia, the scientists removed the public coordinates from his post and notified the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Now, the department is monitoring the pogonia population to ensure that it thrives and has an opportunity to thrive.    

“Discovering a viable population of a federally threatened species unknown in our state for over a century is astounding. It’s Vermont’s equivalent of rediscovering the ivory-billed woodpecker.” said Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department Botanist Bob Popp.