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'Rare' Kitten Born Without Sex Organs Finds Forever Home

Hope the kitten was placed into Cat Protections care after she was found homeless. However, the organization quickly discovered that Hope could not be deemed either a boy or a girl, due to the fact that she had no external sex organs at all. This is an extremely rare occurrence - so rare that there is no term for the condition. However, this hasn't made her journey of finding a forever home any more challenging.

Image of Hope the kitten.

In fact, Hope the kitten quickly found her forever home. On November 9th, 2022, it was announced via Cat Protections Twitter page that Hope had officially been adopted, after a number of eager volunteers came forwards to adopt the adorable little kitten. In a statement from Cats Protection’s Senior Field Veterinary Officer Fiona Brockbank: "“Hope has been a delight to care for and it is fantastic that they are now ready to be adopted; we know they will bring someone many years of fun and companionship."

Article Credit -
Cats Protection