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Protections for Gray Wolves Restored Across US

Protections for gray wolves have finally been reinstalled across much of the US, after having been removed only two years ago in 2020 due to a series of federal government decisions. The decision will immediately restore protection for thousands of wolves, protecting them against hunting, trapping and other lethal measures. This is great news for conservationists, as the protection of the gray wolves will allow ecological systems to thrive and help other species to flourish.      

Elk and deer populations will be better regulated as a result of the new protections, as the wolves will once again become the top predators. The elk and deer populations will also be healthier, due to the wolves hunting sick and diseased animals. In turn, this protects plants from over-browsing, which will help to improve habitats for other wildlife such as fish, beavers and songbirds.

Image of a gray wolf.

“Today’s ruling is a significant victory for gray wolves and for all those who value nature and the public’s role in protecting these amazing creatures,” said Jamie Rappaport Clark, CEO and president at Defenders of Wildlife. “Restoring federal protections means that these vitally important animals will receive the necessary support to recover and thrive in the years ahead.”  

This reversal is certainly a step in the right direction to help protect natural ecosystems, as well as helping the wolves to flourish once more.

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