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Premature Twins Defy All Odds And Survive After Doctors Predict A 0% Chance Of Survival

Despite doctors giving them a 0% chance of survival, Adiah Laelynn and Adrial Luka Nadarajah, two premature twins, defied all odds and have now been titled "the world's most premature twins". The twins were both born 126 days early, beating the previous record of 125 days set by two babies from the USA in 2018. They were also the lightest twins at birth, setting yet another record.

Image of the proud parents and their premature twins. Image Credits: Guinness World Records/YouTube

After being born, the twins overcome incredible feats, such as sepsis and other complications with brain bleeding and fluid management. Now, the twins are fit and healthy and have already celebrated their first birthday, much to their parent's delight.

Article Credit -
Guinness World Records