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Popstar Meredith O’Connor Announces New Talk Show To Spread Inspiring Stories

International pop sensation Meredith O’Connor, best known for her viral hit single ‘Celebrity’, recently announced the launch of her exciting new talk show on Instagram, with hopes to inspire and uplift people across the globe.

Image of Meredith O'Connor performing live for fans. Image Credits: Meredith O'Connor - Antibullying Icon, Mental Health Advocate, Recording Artist (meredithoconnormusic.com)

Throughout her career, Meredith has been a strong advocate for mental health awareness and anti-bullying. Most recently, in 2021, she released her single titled ‘You Are Not Alone’ as part of a collaborative mental health campaign, which saw a variety of singers from around the globe come together for the project, including K-pop star Kim Se-Hwang. The singer wants the song to help those struggling with mental health or bullying to realise that they are in fact not alone in their struggles, despite the fact it may feel like it. As part of the campaign, the music video helped to raise funds for the National Alliance on Mental Illness organization, to help increase awareness about mental health.    

Much of her work has been inspired by several instances of bullying that she encountered at a young age during her middle-school years. In interviews, Meredith has often described how she was picked on for simply being ‘different’ and for not fitting in with social expectations in terms of her appearance and personality. The star has also been open about her struggles with OCD. Over the years these experiences have fuelled the pop-star to use her platform for the greater good, helping her to turn her negative experiences into flourishing beams of hope.

As part of an exciting new chapter, Meredith recently announced via Instagram her plans to begin hosting a brand new talk show, that aims to promote uplifting and positive stories of success. Some of the upcoming guests include Alyssa Carson, Connor DeWolfe and TikTok comedian Kylen, alongside many other positive change makers.

Image Credits: Meredith O'Connor Instagram. A sneak peek at the new talk show from Meredith's Instagram reels.

The talk show will explore how the guests found their success, as well as ways in which they have used their platform to make a positive influence. Meredith hopes that these success stories will help inspire and uplift others around the globe.

For example, in an upcoming episode, viral TikTok comedian Kylen suggests that social media could have a positive impact on younger generations if used in a way which promotes particularly useful skills. Meredith herself has also highlighted that using social media in this way could be particularly important and beneficial for younger generations, echoing similar sentiments in an interview with Swanky Kids Magazine.  

The talk show ‘In Focus with Meredith O’Connor’ will be available on Spotlite, a platform that promotes mental health and bullying prevention. You can get a sneak peek at the episodes here.

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