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Over 8,000 Stray Animals Saved By Chinese Monk

A Chinese Buddhist named Monk Zhi from Shanghai, has been rescuing stray dogs and cats since 1994, with the number now amounting to over 8,000, which he currently feeds and cares for at either his ancient monastery or at the shelter he runs in the Chinese city.

  In a small team, Zhi and his colleagues care for several hundred dogs at his Bao’en temple, which also houses an additional 200 cats. He mainly keeps the sick dogs here, whilst the other dogs go to a bigger facility elsewhere. Some are even lucky enough to be rehomed in Europe or North America.

 Everyday he wakes up at 4am, using money from generous donors, his parents and other monks, providing up to 60 tonnes of dog food a month to keep those tails wagging. His motives to recuse these vulnerable animals are driven purely by his faith and good will.

 “I have a dream that one day, when I have some free time, I want to go abroad and visit them, take photo’s with every dog that I recused” he said. “So when I get old and can’t walk, I have these photos to look at.”  

Article Credit -
The Times Of India