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Old London Railway To Be Converted Into A 'Park In The Sky'

An old London railway is set to be transformed into a 'park in the sky' by Camden Highline, which will see the old infrastructure forgo a drastic makeover. The park is set to connect Camden Town to King's Cross, and will see a range of trees planted, including English Oak, Rowan, Dogwood, Alder, and Scots Pine.

Image of Camden Highline. Image Credits: Camden Highline/Instagram

Once complete, the park should provide plenty of green space to the local community and help to provide improved air quality for those who often walk through it. This is because individuals will be exposed to less vehicle emissions than they would if they used alternative routes with less green space. However, the park won't only benefit humans; it will also benefit wildlife too. Due to the lush, green nature of the part, the wide variety of plants and trees should help to attract wildlife such as birds and insects. This will help to support a thriving eco-system.

On a visual level, the new park will provide plenty of scenic views for visitors from both up above and down below. This will provide the local residents with easy access to views immersed in wildlife within an urban setting. Of course, plenty of studies have shown how green space can improve mental health, highlighting just how useful the park could be if used regularly. Likewise, there are also plans for moveable furniture to be a feature. If so, this will give visitors plenty of flexibility if they want to sit and enjoy their surroundings.

In a statement, Keir Starmer, Leader of the Labour Party and MP for Holborn & St Pancras stated: "Regenerating this disused industrial thoroughfare will bring the communities of Holborn and St Pancras closer together, not to mention some much needed green space and fresh air. This is a fantastic vision, and I look forward to seeing it become a reality."

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Camden Highline