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New York Will Ban Fossil Fuel Vehicle Sales by 2035

The state of New York recently signed new legislation which will ban the sale of all new fossil fuel vehicles and trucks by 2035, in an effort to slash the state’s CO2 emissions by 85%. The ban will require all new vehicle sales to land within a ‘zero-emissions’ category, meaning cars must either have an electric battery, hydrogen fuel cells or a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. Larger motor companies such as Ford, General Motors and Hyundai have made voluntary commitments to make 40%-50% of all new car sales within the new time frame.

Image of traditional yellow New York taxis.

To facilitate a transition into electric vehicles in the state, current infrastructure would need to be adapted to provide more electric charging points, charging stations and power options. Pedestrian and bike lanes would need to be expanded in order to encourage people to use greener options over selecting private vehicles.

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