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New Species Of ‘Fairy Lantern’ Discovered In Malaysian Forests

A new species of extremely rare plant has been discovered and named by scientists, however it was first found in 2019 by a rainforest explorer named Dome Nikong. The species is so rare that it has only ever been sighted twice, however researchers are keen to preserve it and discover more information.

In February 2020 Dome Nikong was joined by a team of botanists including researcher Siti-Munirah, for an expedition into the Malaysian Forests. Upon their initial investigation, they found the only known ‘fairy lantern’ plants had been destroyed by wild boars. However, luckily they managed to find a single fruiting specimen which they could take back with them for examination.

Image Credit: University Of Oxford

After careful examination of the two trips, they discovered that the species was a lantern-like flower, with an umbrella-like structure, however it’s function is unknown. It also shared a unique and peculiar orange colour. Already it has been named one of the most eye catching plants ever described due to it’s remarkable structure, colour and surface texture. The scientists named the plant Thismia Sitimeriamiae after Dome’s mother, to honour the support she has given him for his conservation work in Malaysia.

Article Credit -
University Of Oxford