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New Psychedelic-Based Anxiety Treatment Approved For A Second-Phase Trial

Incannex Healthcare, a pharmaceutical company based in Melbourne, Australia, has landed approval from the MUHREC for a second phase trial of its new psychedelic-based anxiety treatment.

The drug Psilocybin, more commonly known as magic mushrooms is a naturally occurring psychedelic found in a specific species of fungi. For the second phase of their exciting new trial, Incannex Healthcare plan to use a mixture of combined specialised therapy and Psilocybin to see best results. Due to previous hesitation around the psychedelic area of medicine, their trial will be the first in the world to examine the effectiveness and safety of the compound when used to treat generalized anxiety disorder.  

Image of a magic mushroom.

As well as being used to treat anxiety, researchers also suggest that the drug could be used to treat other mental conditions such as depression, OCD, headaches and certain types of addictions. The study is planned to launch early next year where the first patients will be recruited.

Head of Clinical Psychedelic Research at Monash University Dr Liknaitzky who is leading the trial said:

“This is a solid step in the development of what we hope will be a highly effective treatment for people suffering under the weight of severe anxiety.”

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