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New Material From UK Start-Up Can Remove Forever Chemicals From Water

Forever chemicals have been shown to negatively affect human health in various ways, and can often end up in our waterways. However, a UK-based startup company known as Puraffinity has developed a new material that can help to remove these forever chemicals from water, which is great news for both wildlife and humans.

Birds-eye view of an industrial water facility.

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The secret material is coated aluminum granules which help to absorb the forever chemicals found in water. It has the potential to be used in a variety of different settings, such as being integrated into part of the industrial wastewater treatment process and portable water supplies, among many other areas. In addition, the material can be easily modified to target various forever chemicals, making the granules extremely versatile. As a result, the deployment of the material in different settings will hopefully help to lower the amount of forever chemicals in the environment.

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