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New Law In Maine Forces Packaging Companies To Become More Sustainable

A new law has recently been passed in Maine which will make companies pay towards the cost of recycling they produce, in an effort to encourage companies to come up with more sustainable packaging solutions and reduce their non-recyclable waste. It will be the first state in the nation to pass an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for Packaging law as costs from packaging materials soar for local cities and towns.

“I’m proud that once again, Maine is a national leader when it comes to common-sense environmental protections. This new law assures every Maine community that help with recycling and lowering the property tax burden is on the way,” said State Representative Nicole Grohoski (D-Ellsworth).

Throughout several countries including Canada and Europe, the policy has been proven to be a success. Increased recycling rates have been seen, costs for municipalities have been reduced and there is an overall drive toward innovation for more eco-friendly packaging. Other states throughout the US are hovering closely behind, with the governor of Oregon soon likely to be signing a bill which has already been passed by the states legislature.

Image of sustainable packaging.

 “It’s time for packaging producers to take responsibility for their waste stream in the Pine Tree State, as they do in more than 40 other countries and regions worldwide.” 

 This new law is particularly beneficial for the following reasons:

- It saves taxpayers money. Towns will no longer have to cut programs or raise taxes due to recycling costs.

- There will be less waste from big corporations.

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