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New Law In Hawaii Bans Shark Fishing

A new law has been passed in Hawaii that makes it illegal to knowingly capture, entangle or kill a shark in state marine waters.

Sharks play an extremely important role in regulating ocean ecosystems, helping to regulate populations of other marine life, due to their presence at the top of the food chain. Their vital role ensures that healthy fish stocks and reefs are maintained.

However, numerous incidents have been reported of sharks in the area being killed, as a consequence of getting trapped and entangled in gill nets. It is hoped the new ban on shark fishing will help to resolve and regulate this problem, protecting shark populations and the ecosystems that exist in harmony with it.

Image of shark fishing.

  Any violations of the new law will result in a large fine, which will increase with every further violation committed.

- $500 for a first offence.

- $2,000 for a second offence.

- $10,000 for a third or subsequent offence.

- An administrative fine of no more than $10,000 for each shark captured or entangled, whether alive or dead, or killed.

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