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New Bill Means Buses Are Now Free In Washington DC

A new, zero-fare bill has been introduced in Washington D.C., that will make buses in the city free starting as early as 2023. The bill was voted in by the Washington government, despite not being officially signed by the city's mayor.

Image of an electric bus in Washington D.C.

The newly introduced free bus fares will potentially help out some of the 400,000 people who use mass transit in the metro D.C. area, and may also encourage others to start using public transport more. In addition, it could help residents and workers in the area to save money, especially if they use the service on a regular basis. In addition to free bus fares, 24-hour services will also be expanded, thus making public transport more accessible to people. Overall, the new zero-fare bill will certainly help those who rely on the public transit system in their day-to-day lives.

Article Credit -
Washington D.C. Council