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Monkeypox Cases Are Declining

There are early signs that Monkeypox cases are plateauing in the UK, according to a technical briefing by the UK government. The data shows an overall decline in daily cases, suggesting that the spread of infection may be slowing.    

The graph in the briefing shows a peak in cases during June and July. In August we can see a steady decline, with levels beginning to ‘plateau’. However, the United Kingdom isn’t the only place where a decline in cases has been reported.  

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Rates of confirmed cases are declining in major cities around the world, with similar data trends being seen in New York City and in parts of California.While cases are still rising in other countries, these statistics are still encouraging. 

The World Health Organization has also reported a 21% overall decline in monkeypox cases globally, again showing signs that the outbreak could be slowing.

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