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Mini Baby-Boom Of Squirrel Monkeys At ZSL London Zoo

ZSL London Zoo is currently experiencing a mini-baby boom of squirrel monkeys, with two new additions being welcomed in just one week.

Adorable images captured by zookeepers this week show the two new babies, born on Saturday 5 and Wednesday 9 June to two different mums, Avril and Francis, being taken to explore their In with the Monkeys home - a lush, forested area at the heart of the Zoo.

Image of Squirrel Monkey And Baby Monkey

Squirrel monkeys are considered to be one of the most intelligent monkey breeds, with a considerably large brain compared to their body size.  

Zookeeper Rowan Swainson said: “Both the new little ones, who we’ve nicknamed Teeny and Tiny, are doing really well – so well in fact, that Avril and Francis have started to bring them out of their cosy indoor dens, so visitors can now spot both duos hanging out in the trees outside. 

“Squirrel monkeys carry their babies on their backs continuously for the first six to ten weeks of their lives, so we’ll only be able to find out if the youngsters are male or female when they start to explore on their own.”

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ZSL London Zoo