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Madrid Builds a Wind Garden To Cool Down The City

Madrid is currently in the process of building a ‘wind garden’ which has been predicted to lower temperatures by around 4 degrees Celsius. It is hoped that the new wind garden will help to cool the surrounding areas and create some much needed shade for residents, especially during hotter summer months, which can regularly hit 33C and sometimes even 40C.  

The garden will be made in a spiral structure from mosses and ferns that will rise above treetops to catch cooler breezes. Once captured, the garden should help to disperse the breeze around the surrounding areas.   

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If the new wind garden creates a pleasant and bearable atmosphere for residents, it may mean that less of them have to rely on air conditioning or leaving the city to get away from the heat.

The entire park will be an urban forest that will function as an air conditioning condenser creating a microclimate that will disperse to the streets next to the park,” said Juan Tur from architecture studio West 8 who’s actively taking part in the project.  

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