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London Electric Vehicle Company Celebrates Selling 5000th Electric Taxi

The London Electric Vehicle Company has recently announced an exciting milestone, having now sold 5,000 electric taxis in the city.

The TX electric taxi was first launched in 2018, just four years ago, and has since travelled a combined distance of approximately 307 million miles, equating to travelling around the globe over 12,000 times. As a result of the uptake in the electric TX vehicles, over 109,000 tonnes of CO2 has been prevented from entering the atmosphere.

London has pledged to go zero-carbon by the year 2050, therefore getting as many electric vehicles on the road as possible is vital to make progress towards this goal. The London Electric Vehicle Company wants to help to work towards this goal too, with a desire to ‘accelerate a journey to cleaner cities’, as stated on their website.

In addition to taxis, the company also sells a wide range of other vehicles including vans and commercial vehicles. Each of these comes with a wide range of customisability options, just like how you’d customise a new car.    

As well as the London Electric Vehicle company, there is also another London based company that turns old, antique cars, into fully functioning electric vehicles, helping antique car lovers keep their favourite toys whilst being more sustainable at the same time.