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Local UK Companies Donate Laptops To Children, Charities & Schools

During the global pandemic, education has primarily been delivered as online learning throughout the UK, however not every child has access to the appropriate technology to enable them to learn remotely. This is where a local group of companies from the UK stepped in, eager to solve the issue and give aid to those who need it most.

Family-owned Oldham Volkswagen, Swansway Honda Bolton and Motor Match Bolton have shown their support to local families and schools by making a generous donation of 35 brand new laptops. Those being received by schools will be loaned out as needed among the students. Additionally, one laptop was also donated to a local charity ‘Home Start HOST’, which supports people affected by domestic violence.

This heart-warming donation will help children who would otherwise continue to struggle having access to education, both during and after the lockdown.  

“We all know that this year, for so many, the need for family support has never been higher. We were delighted to be able to donate these laptops, which are after all a gateway to learning in 2021, as a gift from our family to the families in need. And hopefully, if there are other businesses that are in a position to do so, they will be encouraged to do the same.” - David Smyth, director of family-owned Swansway Group.

Clearly keen to make a difference, it is important to highlight this is the second joint venture Swansway Group has undertaken with the local charity ‘Home Start Host’. In December the Swansway Group also delivered hundreds of Christmas gifts to Oldham and Bolton families, to try to ensure that every child had a gift to open on Christmas Day.

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