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Lifeboat Rescues Four People From Sinking Fishing Vessel

On Saturday morning on the 26th June, both of RNLI Penarth’s lifeboats, who operate around the coasts of the UK and Ireland, were called into action after a call from a large fishing vessel located in an area known for its strong currents.

The lifeboats raced to the scene where they found the fishing vessel was severely damaged, with the nose of the boat pointing down into the water. However despite these treacherous conditions they managed to rescue all four members on board the ship quickly and safely onto their lifeboat.

Recalling the rescue, RNLI Penarth volunteer helm Hugh Kelsall said: “When we saw the location of the boat and it being nose down in the water, along with the speed of the dropping tide, our priority was to make sure the people aboard the fishing vessel were recovered safely.” adding “they did the right thing in calling for help, and thanks to the quick actions of the RNLI crews and the Coastguard, the four men are safe and well.”  

Image Credit - RNLI Penarth

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