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25,000 Pounds of Trash Removed From Lake Tahoe by Volunteers

Together, the Tahoe Fund and The Clean Up The Lake SCUBA Dive team have removed over 25,000 pounds of trash from Lake Tahoe.

However, this project was only made possible thanks to a generous $100,000 donation from Tahoe Blue Vodka, as well as contributions from another 134 Tahoe Fund donors, who all donated grants to help towards the cause.

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Over the course of the 72 mile shoreline clean up, the dive team collected a total of 24,797 pieces of litter, including items such as plastic bottles, cans, lost wallets, film cameras, and home telephones. Surprisingly, they even uncovered an entire lamp post and a blackberry mobile phone. 

“I still can’t quite grasp what our team has accomplished; completing this 72-mile clean-up is a testament to what our team is capable of, and we are just getting started,” said Colin West, founder of Clean Up The Lake. 

However, this is not the only clean-up that Clean Up The Lake will be doing. Clean ups will be taking place across four other lakes this year in 2022, with some commencing as soon as this month. Some of these lakes include Fallen Leaf Lake, June Lake, as well as intensive monitoring projects for both Lake Tahoe and Donner Lake.

Other recent clean up efforts besides those at Lake Tahoe include the Ocean Cleanup. The organisation has used their newly developed technology to begin cleaning up the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’.

Article Credit -
Tahoe Fund