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Jeff Bezos Earth Fund Grants $203.7 Million Towards Net-Zero Plans

On the 7th of September, The Bezos Earth Fund, an organization that funds scientists, activists, NGOs and private-sector entities and other organisations that target climate change, has granted $7 million in funding to some of the worlds most carbon intensive industries. The grant will be funding the Mission Possible Partnership, to develop and implement plans to drive towards net-zero in industries such as steel, concrete, aluminum and chemicals.

"This funding is just the next step in the Bezos Earth Fund's commitment to creating catalytic change during this decisive decade," said Andrew Steer, president of the Bezos Earth Fund. "With each grant, we are helping organizations unblock progress and create pathways to a more sustainable future." 

However, besides this most recent grant, Bezos has also provided $10 billion in funding to be spent over the next decade, to strive for a more sustainable future. A large portion of the grants from this fund will help countries conserve key biodiversity areas and carbon stocks, including in the Tropical Pacific Ocean, The Andes tropics and the Congo Basin, with an end goal of protecting 30% of land and sea by 2030. According to scientists and researchers, it is theorized that conserving 30% of the right land areas could protect upto 80% of plant and animal species, sustain two third of clean water and secure 60% of carbon stocks. This is encouraging news, provided that all countries come together in a global effort to make a notable change.

Image of the earth from space.

The fund wants to prioritize grants in regions and countries where there is significant need and opportunity, in particular where there will be a strong commitments from organizations. For any organization or anyone who is passionate about the environment, this is certainly encouraging news.      

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