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Japan Airlines' New Scheme Helps Both Passengers & The Planet

A new scheme by Japan Airlines, known as "Any Wear, Anywhere Clothing" will help both passengers and the planet by allowing travelers to rent clothes at their holiday destination, reducing the amount they have to take. As a result, their luggage should be much lighter than if they brought their own clothes along on the journey. However, there are more benefits asides from this advantage to the customer. So, what are the others? 

Image of Japan Airlines airliner.

Not only will the scheme help customers, but it will also help the planet. The less weight on the plane, the less fuel is used; therefore, lighter luggage will mean fractionally less CO2 emissions are being released into the atmosphere.

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The scheme works by allowing customers to select a set of clothes from a unique range, giving them full control for a relatively cheap price. All of the clothes on offer are made up of pre-owned and excess stock from stores, which is more sustainable than manufacturing new clothes. Upon selection, the clothes are then sent to the customer's hotel room, where they can then wear them during their stay. Even better, customers don't have to send them back, removing much of the hassle on their side and streamlining the process. Instead, they can be left in the hotel room to be collected back.

The airline hopes that implementing the new scheme can help to support more sustainable travel, as well as cater to their customers desires. Now, all that's left to do is test it out!

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Japan Airlines