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India Set To Deploy Over 50,000 Electric Buses

India is set to boost its environmental efforts, with recent announcements of plans to eventually launch over 50,000 electric buses across the country. This will make green transport much more widely available to the general public, and should help to lower carbon emissions within their deployed areas such as Dehli and Chennai.

Image of an electric bus charging.

Although the production process of electric batteries still releases CO2 emissions, it still produces much less than a car would overall, according to EDF Energy. Of course, this logically means that the deployment of these new bus fleets should be incredibly beneficial. Not only that, but the new buses should help to support the country's decarbonization efforts. As more and more buses are deployed, the more and more noticeable the impact should be.

However, this isn't the only step India has taken to reduce its carbon footprint. The country has also banned single-use plastic in an effort to curb pollution and cut down the amount of plastic waste that it produces. For example, you can no longer use plastic cutlery of PVC banners. However, the full list is more extensive.

Overall, it is hoped that measures such as these will help the country take big strides to tackle its carbon footprint. While not all 50,000 have been deployed yet, it's certainly a step in a positive direction.

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