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In 10 Years Robots Could Do 39% of Our Chores

According to researchers from the University of Oxford and Ochanomizu University in Japan, robots could help us to complete up to 39% of our mundane domestic chores by 2035. This revolution would be thanks to automation from robots, which would help to complete these tasks in replacement of their human counterparts, thus saving them time.  

Image of a robot hoover on the floor.

As part of their findings, the researchers predicted that over the course of the next ten years,  the amount of time we spend on doing grocery shopping could be cut by a sizeable 60%Likewise, time spent on household chores such as cleaning and cooking could potentially be cut by 46% during the same time period. However, the two Universities differed in terms of percentages. While Oxford University believed that automation could cut time doing chores by 42%, the Japanese researchers believed this figure was lower at around 35%.

Nevertheless, each figure is a significant reduction compared to the amount of time we spend on household tasks currently. Already, we have robots that help us with household chores, including robot hoovers that help clean the floor, as well as ones that mow your lawn.  

Article Credit -
Oxford University