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Hydrogen-Powered Transport Is Picking Up Around The World

Hydrogen-powered public transport is gaining traction across the globe, with countries such as America, Colombia, and Germany introducing the technology. Much of the hydrogen-powered transport works just as it says on the tin — using hydrogen fuel cells to generate electricity.

Image of a hydrogen-powered train.

In North America, a sustainable mobility company Alstom is set to reveal its first commercial run of the first hydrogen-powered train in the summer of 2023. For its first commercial run, the train will travel through Quebec, including along the St. Lawrence River. Likewise, Germany also introduced their first hydrogen-powered train just last year, expanding to an overall fleet of twenty-seven. However, it's not just trains that are running off hydrogen.

Columbia has already introduced its very first hydrogen-powered bus earlier in 2023. Much like the trains, it will also run off hydrogen power and should help to reduce over 1,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. However, more buses are set to be introduced in the future, which will further help to reduce carbon emissions from public transport.

The introduction of greener public transport in these countries sets a great example of what can be done, and may perhaps encourage other countries to follow suit. Not only would it help to reduce carbon emissions, but it would also help to reduce air pollution levels.

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