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Huue Startup Has Made Jean Dye Five Times Less Toxic Than Current Dye's

A startup company known as Huue is looking to revolutionize the way dye's for our clothes are made, by introducing their own range of synthetic sustainable dyes, with the company currently targeting jeans. Much of the dyes currently available on the market for jeans contain some eyebrow-raising chemicals such as benzene and sodamide, which can affect human health. However, Huue's dyes won't contain many of these toxic chemicals and will be up to five times less toxic than what is currently available, according to the startup. But that's not all.

Image of denim jeans on a rack.

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In addition to the removal of these chemicals, the startup's methods for producing their dyes are also considerably greener, using sugar instead of toxic chemicals to create their dye. Likewise, while normal methods use petroleum during the production process, Huue avoids doing so and avoids using chemical reducing agents that can pollute water.

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