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Heat Resistant Corals Give Hope For Survival Of Corals In The Red Sea

Scientists have found that coral reefs in the Gulf of Aqaba, at the northern tip of the red sea are capable of withstanding temperature increases of up to seven degrees Celsius. This could provide a much needed opportunity for scientists to investigate further and see if these corals can be replicated in other areas of the world, to prevent reefs dying off, a current consequence of climate change.  

Image of a coral reef.

In the study conducted at the University of Eilat, the coral taken from the Gulf was able to withstand temperature increases of up to seven degrees Celsius. In fact, Maoz Fine, who led the research, says that these heat-resistant corals showed improved physiological performance at higher temperatures. Further studies are needed to see how the coral would perform in other areas of the world and if it would be a viable option, as well as giving further insights as to how these corals are surviving in such extreme conditions.  

Scientists believe that many of the coral species that inhabit the Red Sea today were forged by that migration and can survive- and even flourish- in ocean temperatures hotter than those forecast. 

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