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Bull Fighting Has Been Banned In Mexico City

This weekend, a Mexican federal judge banned bullfighting in Mexico City, the country's capital. The ban came after enormous pressure from animal welfare grounds in Mexico City. This comes shortly after another ban on bullfighting this January in Sinaloa, making it the fourth state to ban the practice. 

Despite Mexico having a very strong cultural connection to bullfighting, the ban movement has been slowly growing over the last decade, and it's even expected to reach Spain, the bullfighting capital of the world. The reform is incredibly popular, as a survey conducted in 2013 showed that 73% of Mexicans supported a ban.

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Lucky enough for bullfight enthusiasts, there is an alternative to the current practice — Bull-leaping. This practice dates back to ancient Greece, specifically to Crete. Bull-leaping is the courageous sport of making the bull mad, and the jumping it when it charges, it is impressive to watch. In this version of the sport, bull leapers (recortadores) enter the ring without capes and swords; sometimes, they use a wood stick to help them in the duel.

The new ban movement acts a positive signal, suggesting that individuals care for the welfare of animals and the way they are looked after. Hopefully, similar practises can be adopted elsewhere soon.

Other countries such as South Korea are planning to ban dog meat, putting an end to the cruel trade. Iceland has also planned to ban whaling in the next four years.

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