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Good News Updates From Ukraine

Good news updates from Ukraine. This feed is being continually updated.

21/10/22 - Tel Aviv University Pays For Ukrainian Refugees Tuition and Living Expenses

Tel Aviv University, Israel, has launched an emergency scholarship program to help young Ukranian refugees continue their education, as well as provide them with shelter and somewhere to stay. Fundraising efforts have also been pushed forward to help provide even more support to Ukranian students in such a great time of need. 

Image of Maryana Sytar with Prof. Ronen Avraham from Tel Aviv University. Image Credits: Tel Aviv University.

Already, they have welcomed Maryana Sytar, who was forced to leave her home due to the ongoing war. The University ensured that she arrived safely at the campus, where she will continue to spend the next semester working hard towards her PhD that she was previously pursuing at Ukraine’s Koretsky Institute of State and Law.  

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Plenty of other students are set to follow after applying to the scholarship program, meaning they too will be able to continue their education with peace of mind. The University will also pay for students tuition and living expenses.

Texas A&M University also announced earlier in 2022 that they would be paying up to $25,000 dollars for fees, tuition fees and living expenses for any Ukranian students. The chancellor stated that he ‘wanted to do whatever it takes to make sure that Ukranian students are able to stay in school’.

16/05/22 - A Retired Police Officer From The United States is Helping To Feed Ukraine Refugees

Sixty-seven year old Snow White, a retired police officer from Denver has been spending her days making sandwiches and stews for thousands of refugees in Ukraine, according to CBS Denver. She flew over to Poland to work in a warehouse which was assigned by the organization she had teamed up with, where she spends 11 hour days making a wide variety of food for the refugees.

She says the experience has been "very eye-opening, it’s been very humbling.”

Source: Retired Denver Cop Helping Feed Ukraine Refugees: ‘We’re All In This Together’ – CBS Denver (cbslocal.com)

10/05/22 - India Provides 7,725kg of Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine

During the month of March India provided Ukraine with over 7,725g of humanitarian aid, including essential medicines and medical equipment. Other items included including tents, blankets, surgical gloves, protective eye gear, water storage tanks, sleeping mats, tarpaulin and medicines and other relief materials.

Source: hindustantimes.com

12/04/22 - Stand Up For Ukraine Event Raises Over €10billion

A European Fundraising event "Stand Up For Ukraine" has raised over €10.1 billion in funds, which will go towards helping provide support for the country.

The event prompted many political leaders and global celebrities to provide donations and funding, using the #StandUpForUkraine on social media platforms to help spread the message. Some famous faces included Oprah Winfrey and Bastile, with governments, institutions, corporations and individuals also donating to the cause.

The Prime Minister of Canada even pledged his support in the following statement:

"Whether it’s food, water, shelter, or medical aid – we will continue to have your backs and provide the assistance you need at this time. We are also making it easier for Ukrainians fleeing the war to come to Canada. We are standing up for Ukraine.”

Source: Euro News

12/04/22 - Canada Pledges an Additional $100m In Humanitarian Aid To Ukraine

CBC reports that the Prime Minister of Canada has pledged to provide an additional $100 million in aid to help ease the ongoing refugee and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

"This is a moment where the world needs to come together, to stand up for Ukraine and to stand up for our values and principles," Trudeau stated.

Source: CBC News

04/04/22 - University Staff Member Cycling 1400km to Raise Money For Ukraine

After hearing and seeing many of the saddening stories the events taking place in Ukraine, News and Media Relations Officer, Joe Stafford, from the University of Manchester in the UK, has decided to embark on a 1400km journey to raise funds for UK-Med’s Ukraine Appeal. He plans to cycle the journey - the equivalent to cycling the entire circumference of the Netherlands.

Image Credits: University of Manchester

Over the course of his journey, he plans to speak to as many people as he possibly can to help to raise awareness of the organisation that he’s supporting - UK-Med’s Ukraine Appeal. The organisation is working directly with partners on the frontline, with hopes to raise as much money as they possibly so they can provide emergency medical aid for the millions of people displaced by the war.

The money would also help to fund a new facility, approved by the World Health Organisation, that would be the size of a football field, providing medical care for over 100 people a day.

“Watching TV news bulletins and reading live updates from the war made me so angry and upset, and I felt helpless looking on from afar – I simply had to do something to help in some way. As someone who really enjoys cycling – albeit usually in much shorter distances – I thought a challenge like this would be a good way for me to channel my emotions into something positive.” Joe said in a statement.

Source - Happy Headlines

28/03/22 - Britain Said It Will Fund 2 Million GBP Worth of Vital Food Supplies to Areas of Ukraine Encircled by Russian Forces

Source - Reuters

28/03/22 - Fortnite Raises Over $70millon USD in Support of Ukraine

Fortnite is donating all its proceeds from March 20th till April 3rd 2022 to provide humanitarian relief for Ukraine, including emergency aid, health support, essential supplies, shelter, food and clean water and legal aid.

The funds will be fast-tracked so they can help those who need it as quickly as possible. Some of the supported organisations include:


• United Nations World Food Programme

• Direct Relief

• The UN Refugee Agency

Source - Epic Games

20/03/22 - Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have raised over $30 million for Ukrainians

According to USA Today, Mila Kunis and her husband Ashton Kutcher have raised over $30 million in humanitarian relief for the country via a GoFundMe.  

On the 17th of March they officially hit the $30 million milestone, with over 65,000 kind-hearted people donating to the cause. As of writing the GoFundMe page has passed expectations, with the total raised rising to $34 million. As a result of a community of kind-hearted people coming together, those who need it most will receive the support they need.

20/03/22 - Ukraine Ends Its Dependence on Russia by Joining European Power Grid

CBS News reports - According to officials, engineers have linked Ukraine to an electricity grid which spans across much of continental Europe, meaning they will no longer be dependent on Russia for their power systems.

"This step will give Ukraine the opportunity to receive electricity if (Russia) continues to destroy our power infrastructure, and thus to save our power system. We are sincerely grateful to our European partners for their great support and assistance during these difficult times." said Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, who chairs the management board of Ukraine's grid operator Ukrenergo.

Source - CBS News  

Image of a power grid.

15/03/22 - UK Supermarkets Show Their Support By Offering Hundreds of Jobs to Refugees

Thousands of jobs have been made available by major UK brands, helping those fleeing Ukraine by offering accommodation and even visas.

Some of these businesses include:

• Marks & Spencer

• Tesco

• Asos

• Aldi

• Morrisons

• Vodafone

• Britvic

Source: Evening Standard

13/03/22 - Poland is Rebuilding Abandoned Rail Tracks to Help Ukrainian Refugees  

11 men from Poland are rebuilding abandoned rail tracks which connect the country to Ukraine, to help refugees who are fleeing the war, according to npr.org.

Despite a three hour journey to the location, the men are still keen to get to work, alongside several other teams which are helping to re-establish the 18 mile long rail-road track.

Source - www.npr.org

11/03/22 - Five-Year Old Boy Donates His Entire Piggy-Bank to Help Ukraine

Ottawa CTV News reported that the five-year old selflessly donated his piggy-bank savings of $20, that he accumulated through ‘cleaning up the house’, to Ukraine.

When asked about his donation, the selfless five-year old boy stated:

“I’m giving it away because Ukraine needs money. They’re in danger and not in a very safe place like we are.”

His mom, Pam Moore, also told Ottawa CTV News that her son “wanted them to be safe and have a safe place”.

Source - Ottawa CTV News Canada

10/03/22 - Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal Students Have Also Been Rescued From Ukraine

Under ‘Operation Ganga’, 694 Indians, alongside 13 other Bangladeshi nationals, Nepalese and Tunisian students were evacuated from Ukraine.

The students are extremely grateful of the support shown by the Prime Minister of India and the Indian Embassy of Kyiv.

Source: India Times

5/03/22 - People All Around The World Are Booking Airbnbs For Ukrainians

People from all around the world have been booking Airbnbs to help Ukrainians who have been forced out of their homes. According to an Airbnb spokesperson, on the 2nd and 3rd of March, more than 61,000 nights were booked for rooms, with over half of those nights booked by Americans, as well as citizens from the United Kingdom and Australia taking part.  

Source: CNN

4/03/22 - Over 100 Irish Households Have Registered an Interest in Accommodating Fleeing Ukrainians

The Irish Red Cross charity has received ‘over 100 expressions of interest’ for families fleeing Ukraine, reports Independent.ie.  

The charity also revealed that the public donated €750,000 Euros in just 24 hours to the Irish Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal for humanitarian aid. The money will be used to help repair vital infrastructure, support health facilities and reconnect families separated by conflict. Shelter will also be provided along with food and hygiene items.  

23/02/22 - Sky News Australia Reports Australia is ‘Fast-Tracking’ Visa Applications for Refugees

Australia is showing their support for Ukraine by fast-tracking visa applications for those fleeing the country. Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, revealed there are around “430 visa applications from Ukrainian citizens to come to Australia, across a range of different visa classes.”

Sky News also reported that “there are also about 1,027 Ukrainians outside of Australia who have already been granted visas to travel to the country and Mr Morrison said “they would be welcomed”.

Source - Sky News Australia

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