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EU Set To Ban Sales Of Fossil Fuel Cars By 2035

On the 27th October 2022, the EU announced new legislation that will see fossil fuel cars banned by the year 2035. As part of the deal, manufacturers will be required to cut down on emissions by 55% for new cars sold, just five years prior to the ban in 2030. It is hoped that the move will help to cut down on carbon emissions, as well as reduce air pollution. This will be beneficial for both humans and the planet.

This could also make Europe the first region to go all electric. States such as New York and California have also banned the sale of new fossil fuel cars by 2035, setting a strong example for other cities and states to hopefully follow close behind. To aid the transition, countries around the world are racing to adapt their infrastructure to be able to support an electric future. For example, oil and gas company Shell is looking to install 50,000 EV charging points in the UK alone by 2025.

"Lawmakers have decided the next chapter will be written by the cleaner, better electric vehicle" Julia Poliscanova, senior director for vehicles and emobility at T&E said in a statement.

The ban sets out the EU's commitment to it's climate goals, as well as setting a strong example for the rest of the world to follow.

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