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Endangered Black-Rhino Population Increases as Nairobi National Park Welcomes a New Addition

Nairobi National Park has recently welcomed a new member to their ever-growing Black-Rhino population, thanks to on-going conservation efforts to protect the endangered species. The new arrival, an adorable baby girl named Savannah, was spotted by KWS Rangers by her mother, Solio’s side towards the end of January. Solio is also mother to Sultan, a two and a half year old black rhino. The three have recently been spotted spending family time together, and despite Sultan growing in independence, he has still been regularly spotted by her side after the birth of his baby sister.

Image of Solio and baby Savannah. Image Credits: sheldrickwildlifetrust.org

Kenya is now home to 938 black rhinos, a dramatic increase compared to just a few decades ago, when numbers were dwindling at around 300. Solio’s two new additions will add a much needed boost to the population, with black-rhino population numbers now currently standing at 5,627.

Both of the births have sparked hope for the species to bounce back, and is hoped that Sultan and Savannah will help to continue to grow the black-rhino tribe for many generations to come.

In addition, we have also seen notable success for white rhino population numbers. The population was wavering on the brink of extinction in the early 1900’s, however, thanks to conservation efforts, population numbers now currently stand at roughly 17,212 - 18,915.

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