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Ecoasia Has Planted 170 Million Trees To Date — And Counting

Ecoasia, an eco-friendly search engine that aims to fight climate change and support our wildlife, has planted a grand total of 170 million trees since it first launched in 2009. This milestone has been made possible by the users of the platform, who help the company to generate money.

Image of a male planting a tree.

The company’s tree-planting efforts are implemented on a global scale, with trees being planted in France, Madagascar, Los Angeles, London, and Chicago. As you can see from these locations, their tree tree-planting initiatives range from urban settings all the way to the heart of wildlife. These trees are important for our environment, as they help to combat climate change and bring a whole host of other benefits. In fact, research has shown that trees in urban settings can help to reduce temperatures and increase wildlife diversity.  

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