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Dion's Chicago Dream Launch "Smart Lockers" To Supply Fresh Food To Homeless

An American-based organization known as Dion Dawson's Chicago Dream has launched new smart lockers, otherwise known as "The Dream Vault" across several locations, which will provide households and those in need with fresh food. Most of the current lockers are currently located within Chigaco, with the first at Save A Lot grocery store in Englewood at 832 W 63rd Street. However, there are plans for many more to be launched across the city in the near future. Already, over 600,000 pounds of fresh produce has been provided by the organization, which has helped plenty of families and others in need of food.

Since starting the organization, Dion has always been passionate about being able to provide healthy and fresh food to those in need. Opening up about the launch, he explains: “It’s a fresh take on the Amazon Locker concept, in service of our mission to ensure all people have access to the healthy food they need to thrive."