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Dion Dawson’s ‘Chicago Dream’ Is Fighting Back Against Food Insecurity

Dion Dawson’s Chicago Dream has been taking Chicago by storm since launching in 2020. In just over a year, the organization has gone from feeding 30 families per week, to 375.

Image Credits: Dion Dawson's Chicago Dream

Dion Dawson, a military veteran and founder of the non-profit organization, took inspiration from his own personal struggles during childhood. Growing up in the South Side of Chicago, Dion faced food insecurity and homelessness. After overcoming his own personal struggles, Dion decided that he wanted to help other residents in the area who had found themselves in a similar situation. Thus, Dion Dawson’s Chicago Dream was born.        

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The non-profit has big aspirations - which have not gone unnoticed. His efforts have even been noticed by President Obama, who invited Dion to attend a dinner with him, where the founder gave a moving speech. Dion’s Chicago Dream aims to create ‘financial, physical, and emotional stability for Chicago’s residents by combating food insecurity’, as well as helping to ‘build communities and transform lives’.

Dream Deliveries provides pre-packaged food portions straight to each family's door.

So far, the organization has achieved some incredible feats, with over 65,830 family servings already administered and 202,100 lbs of produce having been distributed. All of this has been made possible via ‘Dream Deliveries’, a service that deliveries fresh produce straight to residents front doors, ensuring that they get fed. 

The service is also eco-conscious, and delivers pre-packaged amounts in order to help minimize food waste. In addition, they also deliver five days a week, meaning that families don’t have to worry about getting food for the rest of the week.