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California's Ban On Animal Fur Takes Effect

California's ban on the sale and manufacturing of new animal fur products has officially come into full effect as of January 1st. The introduction of the new law coincides with many fur-free policies from fashion brands and retailers such as Canada Goose, Segna Group and Rudask, to name a few.

Image of animal fur coats in a shop.

Any violation of the new fur-free law could see penalties of up to $1,000 being distributed. However, the law will not apply to the sale of used fur products sold at nonprofit thrift stores, secondhand stores and pawn shops, all of which are exceptions.

Before the law was passed, it had already gained a remarkable amount of support from local communities and national and international animal protection organizations. This likely helped to spread the world and bring even more attention to the issue.

Jenny Berg, California state director for the Humane Society of the United States, gave the following statement: “We are grateful to California for taking a stand against the cruel fur industry by implementing this statewide ban on the production and sale of new fur products." 

Already, a total of twenty countries in Europe have banned fur farming in attempts to push back against the practice. For example, Italy has already banned fur farming and shut down mink farming, while ELLE magazine has vouched to stop promoting animal fur.

Article Credit -
Human Society