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Biden Ends Large Scale Logging in Alaska’s National Forest And Restores Protections

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, has announced plans to restore environmental protections to the Tongass National Park Forest in Alaska, and to reverse Trump-era policies that allowed large-scale logging and road construction in the area. The Tongass National Park is known to be the world largest temperate old-growth rain forest.

What else is happening?

- Large scale timber sales will be ended and there will be a shifted focus on forest restoration, conservation and non-commercial uses.

-   Effectively restoring to Clinton-era protections where the 2001 rule prohibits road constructions and timber harvests on nearly one-third of forest land, Biden’s policy reversal would help return “stability and certainty to the conservation of 9.3 million acres” of the largest national forest in the US.

- The Agriculture Department states that they will invest up to $25 million in the Southeast Alaska region for economic and workforce development, particularly in industries like fishing and renewable energies.

-  Oil and gas leases will be suspended.

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