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Australia Is Set To Ban Vaping To Help Improve Public Health

Australia is set to ban vaping in an effort to help improve public health and encourage people to cut down on the unhealthy habit. According to Ministers Department of Health and Aged Care in Australia, some of the measures the Government plan on taking include "banning vapes in convenience stores, banning single-use vapes, increasing quality standards for vapes, stopping the import of non-prescription vapes and reducing the nicotine volume and concentrations in vapes."

They hope that these measures will help to deter the public from vaping, in particular the younger generations. All of these measures will be supported by a $737 million fund allocated by the Australian government. However, that's not all.

The Government will also provide more support for those who vape to help them better tackle their habit. For example, $30 million will be invested into support programmes alongside public health campaigns.

The Australian Minister for Health and Aged Care, Mark Butler, stated the following: “These reform measures will help protect the health of Australians, while reducing the pressure on our health system and critically it will help to achieve a reduction in smoking rates to 5 per cent or less by 2030.”

However, Australia isn't the only country that is taking action against smoking habits. In 2022, New Zealand announced that it would be banning cigarettes for those born after 2008. Just like Australia, the country is also taking several measures to help curb the problem.