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Astronomers Have Located The Farthest Galaxy Ever For The First Time

In a new and exciting discovery, an international team of astronomers have spotted the most distant galaxy of all time that may be home to some of the oldest stars in the universe. It was discovered after 1,200 hours of observing time with several different telescopes; the Subaru Telescope, VISTA Telescope, UK Infrared Telescope and Spitzer Space Telescope.  

Image of the farthest galaxy. Harikane et al.

The galaxy has been named HD1 and sits around 13.5 billion light years away, with astronomers finding that the galaxy is extremely bright in ultraviolet light. Fabio Pacucci, lead author of the MNRAS study, speculates that this could be due to certain energetic processes that are occurring there, or may have occurred billions of years ago.

As a part of their magical observations, the team speculates that that galaxy may be forming stars at an astounding rate and could possibly be home to the universes first stars. Until now, stars such as this have never been observed, which is what makes this discovery so incredible. However, the team have also speculated that the galaxy may contain a supermassive black hole, which they estimate could be about 100 million times the mass of our sun.

Harikane et al., NASA, EST and P. Oesch/Yale

If this is the case, it would be the largest black hole known to humankind, as well as being much closer in time to the Big Bang than any other blackhole recorded.

To build upon their current research, the team of astronomers will continue to observe the HD1 galaxy using the James Webb telescope that was recently launched. This will allow the team to verify its distance from earth.

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